I need a honest answer

This applies to people who know me, but if you're a lurker or slightly know me and have an opinion feel free to toss it in the comments.

You can stay anonymous if you want.

Ok am I'm Moody in person? Do I come off as Moody in this blog?
Am I more clear in person vs. how I come off in this blog?

I'm a big believer in constructive criticism so don't worry about hurting my feelings or anything retarded like that.


  1. i have no idea.

  2. thanks for playing. :)

  3. You don't come off as moody to me when the two of us hang out, but you tend to get in Mr. Mysterioso mode often in public.

    Not always, but quiet I guess, and you've always got secrets in your eyes.

    Not that you don't talk when prodded or told it's cool to, but there are always LOTS of things left unsaid...

    maybe that's what you mean? When those things are getting to you but no one knows what they are?


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