What I noticed last Tuesday evening:

Strangers meet up here in the parking lot and mingle among the yellow lines, white railings, childrens playground and bus stops as we all listen to the corner music of cars stopped at the light.

If you want to score some drugs, you stand on the backside of Mcdonalds at Venice Blvd and Overland. Enjoy yourself a cigarette and hang out until the dealer slides in on rollerblades.

Oh how Los Angeles-ish.

Some of you will try the stuff ten steps behind a suv ordering happy meals. Some of you haven't eaten in days.

Then hang out in front of McDonalds because that's what you do when you're stoned. Noticed that the bunch of you came in a Toyoyta minivan with a dog in tow.

Always a dog in tow.

Nice to know that you are doing your part for the environment commuting to your hook up. I guess there are far worse deals going down in this city.

These are the things you noticed sitting in your car reading for three hours.


  1. Clearly your book was heart stopping! Remind me not to pick up whatever you were reading.

    Why'd you go there to read anyway?

  2. I would have gone to any of those parks only a few blocks away and laid in the grass. It's been so fuckin' nice recently.

    I have a hunch that reading wasn't really your main goal though mister researcher of strangers, mannerisms, and the human condition.


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