Jan 1994

before blogging there was my little black notebook and a typical conversation with my tweaker coworker Renee from my retail job at Best Products

"Argh my back hurts"
She slid by in her silvery skirt and black knee high boots as we finished resetting the shelves for the new ad.

"Been lifting heavy stuff?" I smile at her boney in cute way figure with just the right amount of hips to slide hands around. She did have to walk past me on her route, but she did.

"Ah no. Actually I haven't done anything like that lately." she said, voice trailing as I watched her walk away.

"Too much acid?"
She stopped at the hair dryer endcap and came back.

"Um, no."

I've always seen past the little bows in her hair, and the golden R hanging around her neck that daddy gave her on her sixteenth over grilled pizza at Melos.

"Hey, you're not trying to get me in trouble are you?" she questioned jokingly.

A fake smile, "Oh of course not."

"Anyhow it's been a long time I fried"

"Oh that's surprising."

"And you mean what by that?"
Her hands were now resting on her hips.


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