I suck in so many ways

I shouldn't be this paranoid, but I am. Maybe I won't lose my job, but since the owner lacks a clear understand of what I do (and retail in general) after five years now, something has to give and that something might be me.

Craigslist offers only one job posting in this industry.
In Tarzana.
Very, very far away from where I live.

Enough about me.

Hey how are you?

Okay back to me.

I had a good Saturday at the Kiss or Kill picnic with the free food, and all the not free beer I paid for. I thought I came prepared after suffering thought the heat last year. I guess I forgot the most important thing: Mayo. After making a big stink about it last year and joking I would cover the whole whopping 2 dollars this year I'd incorrectly assumed someone would get the hint and buy some. Nope, didn't happen.

Most important condiment ever people.

I did plan ahead and buy a cheap pair of sunglasses, a cool kite flying hat, and I didn’t shave. Well I didn't shave because I'm lazy.

Downside to my faux beard: I fear looking like this guy.

Anyhow some bands played - some I liked, some I couldn't stand and I'll leave at that because one of them is known to google themselves and might or might not rhyme with rizzy diders.

What else? Um I was a little distracted the whole day, kicked ass with water guns, had tacos, the worst headache ever and wished someone luck with her little lack of getting some down there problem.

I'm sure Chissum Worthington doesn't have that problem.
It seems like a lot people (::like this hot mama::) besides me are about to crumble into dust. Yeah didn't need to write that.

Ok choices tonight:
Home / sleep / no air conditioning
The omen / free screening / in Downey
The beach / kite / kite flying hat


  1. go with the beach kite thing. i have a sneaking suspicion the omen is going to suck ass.


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