Lounge and Burlesque

I think I read somewhere that Caroline liked burlesque.

MaDaMe SunSet Live Appearance Highland Grounds

June 20th At Highland Grounds Join MaDaMe Sunset infamous leader of Madame Sunsets hollywood kittens as she electrifys highland grounds with a whole lot of..... that will be the surprise, Be there!!!!

And don't ya worry the Madame Sunset will have a select few of her kittens along for the ride (te-he)

oooxxx MEoooow!!!

This event is hosted by the wonderful Rob Z who will be doing a little lounging and singing with Brandon Meyer. Oh and the p-cow will be all slicked up and crooning their um, hits.

This event is FREE folks and Highland Grounds has some yummy food with some darn spicy french fries (the latter not free).


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