I'm getting better

I'm slightly sick this week. Not this bad, but I don't want you folks to think I'm trying to be anti-social either. ok maybe a little.

Sorry to Deadpan for flaking on Monday.
Sorry to Blockage " " " " " " " "
Sorry to She's Your Sister for missing them Tuesday even though they don't really know who I am. Ok maybe a little. Thought the sleep might do me better - which it did.
Sorry to Ashley for not calling me back last night
...wait a minute.

I'm also uber stressed out with the roommate money situation. Not helping the sickiness (that's not a word).
Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe I'll pile his stuff outside this weekend.

Friday: Kiss or Kill
(I don't even know who's playing - always fun)
Saturday: Emily's last show with Midway
Amazing line-up.
Sunday: Father's Day (I want a $10,000 check too)
(mixed feelings --> for another post).

Post title from this movie of course.


  1. I hope you feel better - I skipped out on the Naturals tonight at the Roxy if that makes you feel better my poor eyes look so lack lustered I thought whatever not going


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