I'm getting better

I'm slightly sick this week. Not this bad, but I don't want you folks to think I'm trying to be anti-social either. ok maybe a little.

Sorry to Deadpan for flaking on Monday.
Sorry to Blockage " " " " " " " "
Sorry to She's Your Sister for missing them Tuesday even though they don't really know who I am. Ok maybe a little. Thought the sleep might do me better - which it did.
Sorry to Ashley for not calling me back last night
...wait a minute.

I'm also uber stressed out with the roommate money situation. Not helping the sickiness (that's not a word).
Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe I'll pile his stuff outside this weekend.

Friday: Kiss or Kill
(I don't even know who's playing - always fun)
Saturday: Emily's last show with Midway
Amazing line-up.
Sunday: Father's Day (I want a $10,000 check too)
(mixed feelings --> for another post).

Post title from this movie of course.


  1. ....weeeeeeeeeeeell.... for one you started the message with "It's only me" or "just me Robert" or something like that Mr. Eeyore

    and then continued with a I'm only calling cause I'm bored sentence fragment before the click

    there was no ask for me to call you back involved

    BUT... maybe I should have called you before you called me, I had super duper levels of a shitty early part of the evening... but thought better of spreading my feelings, and talking wouldn't have helped me stop wanting to fight, so...

    hope to see you soon though
    I miss you

    (and Sunday night's seeing you guys was stupid, I think everyone involved was too tired to be entertaining to one another)

  2. also... you and Deadpan should come to Little Cave instead next Monday, yes?

    Funny to the max, he is.

  3. I hope you feel better - I skipped out on the Naturals tonight at the Roxy if that makes you feel better my poor eyes look so lack lustered I thought whatever not going


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