2 seconds from a month ago

I was standing on the steps above the club floor, hands in pocket, hoodie slung back over shoulders watching a band (of course) when she glanced upwards and smiled.

My return was a full body happy smile. A wobbly knee, eyebrows up to my hairline, fuzzy squint, damn I'm happy to see you again smirk.

Then I started to doubt myself.
This couldn't be her.
She didn't just smile at me.

Started with a quick December two second encounter
a crossing path sudden smile
continued without introductions
and ended with a too little
(too nothing) too late.

I've enjoyed the thought of her
and doubted every single second possible.

[This is the stuff I left out of the original post (the stuff that actually mattered then).
It doesn't matter anymore - this situation has been settled]


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