Electric Eel Shock

Are you waiting until July 5th when the force that is Electric Eel Shock hit Spaceland with the Grates?

You shouldn't because these Japanese rockers are playing a free show at Mr T's Bowl this Friday (6.30.06) with the great New Maximum Donkey opening up. I'm told that their last show there was so out of control that Mr T's was forced to close down for a spell - something about the over capacity crowd, cops, and a near riot of fans outside.

Be there by 10.
Free -- 21+

From the history of EES according to wikipedia:

In 1999 Electric Eel Shock recorded Slayers Bay Blues on an eight-track recorder, and pressed enough copies to take to the road for their first gigs abroad....The gigs were a massive success, with a handful of dates turning into over twenty. Following many requests to do so, they returned to Japan.

The musicians then sold their property and left their homes. They returned to the U.S. and toured there nearly constantly for the next two years. Their tours grew in length as word of mouth spread that this was a live show not to be missed. All the while, the band survived on the sale of CDs and t-shirts.....On January 16, 2003, Electric Eel Shock landed in London for five hastily arranged gigs. History was to repeat itself, with the five shows rapidly becoming twelve gigs in ten days....The band spent the rest of 2003 between the U.S. and Europe. Highlights included playing at both SXSW and CMJ festivals in America, headlining a stage at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, and supporting the Canadian band Danko Jones on a 40-date European tour.

official site: electriceelshock.com

official myspace page

Video for "Scream For Me" off their new album Beat Me.


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