Damn You

Tony Pierce's post about The Replacements last night frustrates me.

Now I have to go home and break out my cassettes and hope the tape player still works on my stereo. Yeah, I have some of Paul Westerberg's stuff on CD, but I'm frustrated that haven't already replaced these tapes with CDs when I should've done it years ago.

My friend Maria got me interested them during my freshman year in high school after Tim came out and I remember driving to the mall singing "Waitress in the Sky" on repeat because we thought ourselves cool in the tragically uncool suburbs of Pleasant Hill.

God I'd forgotten how much I love this band.

I was too lame to see a show before they broke up, much like all the times my other friends invited me to Operation Ivy shows**, but thanks to Corey I did manage to catch Paul's first solo tour at the Fillmore back in 1993*.

Anyhow Tony has linked to some live footage back from 1981.
Well worth checking out.

*Could only find the 1996 poster - the 1993 one was kind of lame anyhow.
**This is part of why I try to see so many local shows these days.


  1. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y30/nonchalantDJ/DSC02906.jpg


  2. According to the "net" that poster is worth about 35-40 bucks.

  3. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I tried to get my mom into Operation Ivy by playing their cover of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" over and over. Needless to say it didn't work. I have an old Op Ivy shirt I got my freshman year of college that is still holding strong. Can't say the same for my Screeching Weasel shirt, which finally died around my junior year. Goddamn Ben Weasel.

  4. Deadpan:
    Your poor Mom.
    I have feeling you were far cooler than me growing up..and still are. All I really know about Screeching Weasel is that that they broke up alot.

    Corey is going to give me shit now for not knowing more about them.

    don't give me shit.

    I know I gave you a Fillmore poster or two for safe keeping. Was that one of them or was it the Stone Roses?
    Am I smoking crack?

  5. I'm sure Amy prob has them all. I don't safe keep anyone's shit. You wanna buy a Westerberg poster for 30 bucks, that's 10 buck off retail according to some dopes blog.
    I have:
    Jon Spencer/SleaterKinney
    Jon Spencer/?
    Everclear/Our lady peace/Letters to Cleo
    Tom Petty (2 different ones)
    No Doubt
    Afghan Wigs/red kross
    Kids in the hall
    Alice Donut
    and maybe 5 more, can't remember

  6. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Unfortunately, I was quite nerdy in my youth. Not the useful kind of nerd who could fix your computer. And not that cool Weezer-type nerdy either. Just a straight-up nerd. The kind that remained a virgin for far too long and used Transformer sheets through freshman year of college.

    I ventured deep into the world of music in an effort to escape my crippling geekiness, trying deseprately to associate myself with the local punk scene. But even they wouldn't accept me. When the guy with the safety pin through his nose thinks you're too much of a freak to hang out, you know you're in trouble.

    Now, I embrace my inner- and outer-nerd. And I still have my Transformer sheets. Take that, women who wouldn't sleep with me!


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