Yesterday was a horrible day.
Today work has treated us to all you stuff in your mouth pizza.
It just showed up.
All is well for the moment


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    What was so damn horrible about it?

  2. Horrible stress over the problems I've caused/not taken care of in the last few years.

    I've taken steps to fix things, but it's causes me great stress.

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    email me. wtf are you still stressing about. talk to mama

  4. It wasn't an jump off the hollywood sign day.

    Not depressed - just stressed

    last line from my famous 1983 rap song
    yo these aren't my pants!

    They use to play it on Nick between You can't do that on Television and Mr. Science.

  5. Anonymous4:18 PM

    wtf does that have to do with anything?

  6. From the website

    ***Recommended Show of the Week***
    She Wants Revenge @ Amoeba
    Two former b-boys from the Valley join forces to form a goth rock band? Is this a joke? Gloom rockers are supposed to be mysterious, wear lots of mascara and live in caves. I feel like I could run into these dudes at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Fuddruckers. No really, are these guys fucking with us? Find out Tuesday when they play a free show at Amoeba.

    and my response...
    If your gonna see these guys, out and about, it's gonna definitely gonna be at the Glendale Galleria Red Robin not the Sherman Oaks Fuddruckers. Both good eateries but Red Robin's got the fried egg Royal.
    Cheese Zombie....OUT!


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