Giant Drag, Troubadour 1.22.06

How could one not be in love with Annie of Giant Drag by the third song last night, especially when she would look over to the drummer Micah and smile. I keep picturing her in the blue light the Troubadour uses onstage that makes ever band I've seen there look good.

Inconceivable not to be at least in heavy like (Sorry I was watching The Princess Bride this weekend) with her silly banter between songs. My favorite remark was about their song This Isn't It that had been played on the NFL preshow earlier that day. Their new plans were to go out and start raping football players do.
[From Corey: She asked if anyone heard their song on the NFL game today. She went on in her deadpan 6-year old humor voice to say "That validates it all, now we can go out and rape people and get away with anything we want cause were in with the NFL. This is that song" She played the song and at it's conclusion exclaimed "Touchdown!"]


Some girl, who Corey and I believed (convinced since checking pictures and height online) to be Rachael Leigh Cook, kept walking back and forth through the crowd, up the stairs, then back down again. I'm talking about 10+ times.

Seriously make up your mind! Oh and will you be my girlfriend too?

While we waited for the crowd to leave after the show, we saw a couple girls from The Like making faces up to the band in the dressing room above us. Apparently Charlotte the bass player of The Like and Annie are sisters - did not know this.

End Random

Missed the band Monsters are Waiting because we thought the bands started at nine but the first one actually had an 8.15 set time.
Seriously wtf, right?

We did catch Dirty Little Secret who were alright to listen to except for the singer that Corey called whiney, to which I agreed, thinking in my head that if you combined a castrated Tom Petty @ age 19 with the Cure....

Yeah, I'll just leave it at that.


  1. Giant Drag! Oh dear... The crush sent them to me telling me I'd "dig" them.... Okay, so I kind of like them, I wish I would have known they had a show, she seems very cute.

  2. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I was thinking of going to this show and it turns out Rachel Leigh Cook might have been there!?! The last movie I saw in theaters multiple times was "Josie and the Pussycats". I think I saw it 3 times.

    I was at Emma's voice recital thing at SC where Kevin Midway was playing some trombone.

    How did you get all my prom pictures? haha. I cant believe that was the last time there was a kiss or kill.

    See you and cheesezombie soon,
    Jason Pancake

  3. Jane: Seems to me that the crush has good taste in music among other things.

    Jason: I simply stole them from your photobucket account.

    I'm positive it was her after I dbl checked her height (5'2"). She looked pretty normal - not dressed up - but you can tell it was her by her eyes.

    Josie and the Pussycats - a classic in the rough.

    I heard about that recital - I didn't know Kevin was playing.

  4. Found this some where, still looking for more PROOF

    Giant Drag - Kevin Is Gay
    Giant Drag - This Isn’t It
    (both from their debut “Hearts and Unicorns")

    If you listened to me on the radio with Halloran, we talked about the Like’s “musical pedigree”. (More on that in a second.) Well this little band from L.A. is Annie Hardy, the sister of Charlotte, the bassist from the Like and Michah Calabrese. I had heard the single “Kevin Is Gay” on my fall Filter sampler and thought it was cool, but didn’t buy the album until my curiosity got the best of me (plus they were just on Jimmy Kimmel and I happened to catch that.) Stylistically, very similar to the Like - indie chick rock is the new black. Or something like that.

    Oh and the musical pedigree of the Like? Here’s how it breaks down. Z, the lead singer/guitarist is the daughter of Tony Berg, producer and A&R man (he signed Beck to Geffen); Tennesee’s dad is Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello’s drummer; and Charlotte and Annie’s dad is producer Mitch Froom (Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello to name drop some artists he’s produced). Mystery solved

  5. Micthell Froom is married to Susanne Vega, that's interesting.

  6. Anonymous2:07 PM

    i haven't seen Giant Drag yet but i'm looking forward to catching them in the UK this year....


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