I love talking to strangers (Hi Caroline) online because in the real world my natural shyness keeps me at arms length and to be honest I either come off as a snob or total airhead, like you know, totally.

While those traits are real I contain a little more substance than a jelly doughnut while still remaining low in sodium. Or not, whatever. Huh?

Speaking of Caroline, You People (Sorry that just sounds funny saying out loud - You People! :: Shakes fist ::) should read her adventures at Caroline on Crack and do what she does because she drinks and slides down slides and how fucking cute is that?

Strangers = good
Strangers not reading myspace messages sent 10 days ago = frustrating
Saying "You People!" = always funny

Would you believe there are moments of perfect stop and go traffic on the 105?

I drove home yesterday as always listening to mix cds over my scraped to the bone brake pads screaming bloody murder to the bumper in front of me. A favorite song ends and a better sad one starts to play as I roll to a near stop on the concrete grade.

On the forth overpass (or is it an undercut?) my eyes followed three little girls as they jump off their bikes to wave to the traffic below. Riding on their way home dressed in mandatory blue skirts and white blouses, laughs and giggles passed to each other - their silliness and smiles glow from above.

Glancing back in my mirror, the strawberry blond afternoon wished me goodnight as I covered my mouth to sing the sad song words again.


  1. I love your quote on the new midway photo, naturally I took it in a different context:
    "I so want to bone that new guitar player in the back."

    You wanna bone every guitar player in the BACK!


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