Trapped in Hollywood

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My plan was to slug my way home through Friday night traffic crawl into bed and sleep sleep sleep and dream of a Whiskey Girl conversation. After three nights of four hours and ten items or less bouts of sleep I needed it.

Well that was the plan until Emily from Midway IM'd me with news of impending sellout of the Get Set Go/Midway/NMD/UCP lovefest. Great I thought as I slugged over to Hollywood, side-tripped to the ATM near Arclight, dosey doe'd back west to the KF to buy tickets and finished with a bow to my partner. In this case a very confused Asian tourist.


It would've been a two hour drive home but Ashley needed breaking out of home office arrest in Silverlake and I reluctantly accepted Corey's suggestion of meeting him at Pink's. Though just walking up to stand in line I knew we made the right choice even down to our matching Martha Stewarts (mustard, relish, tomato, onion, sauerkraut, bacon, and sour cream).

As we ate and talked about food, music and stupid bands names (Monsters are Waiting. Waiting for what??) I was getting a little bratty with such little sleep. It was typical funny only to me stuff.

Saturday drove back out to Hollywood for the show at the KF Alterknit Lounge slash Easy Bake Oven. Even though it was GSG's big night, I have to be honest and say that New Maximum Donkey was easily my favorite set. Nothing against GSG, I was just more in a rocking mood than GSG's new mellower (more indie - still great) material these days.

Oh let me tell you a little story (to collective groans): At the Kiss or Kill CD Compilation way back in May (also at the KF) I meet this girl...hmm no, more like we kept turning to each other throughout the night smiling, but the mutual friends we stood with never introduced us, so actual talking was not involved in our first encounter. Now let’s jump back to Saturday now eight months later: She's walking by and I jump a foot over to block her path and told her I must find out her name because I couldn't keep referring to her as the Knitting Factory Girl in my mind forever.

Not sure if she remembered what I was talking about but she did say it was a cute story before walking away after a few minutes of chatting.

I think that was a nice way of saying I'm not interested.


  1. "I think that was a nice way of saying I'm not interested."

    yes, but still it was nice right?

    well really even if it wasn't nice, whatever... not that anyone owes being nice just because you need to build up courage to talk to them.

    Part of the being good at asking people out/showing interest is being good at accepting rejection... 's not a big deal. Esspecially if you didn't even know her name.

    but it's still good you stopped her to introduce yourself. Being nicely turned down is sure a hell of a lot better than never taking the chance to begin with.

    Plus it just gets easier the more times you do it.

  2. Oh I didn't mean that in a bad way.

    Anyway I had my chance long ago to talk to her - we did say hi to each other a couple weeks later - so at this point I assumed there was no interest on her part, which made it easy for me to say hi.

    Dumb I know. Only once or twice have I acted while the iron was still hot.

  3. but at the same time... if the iron is actually hot it tends to stay hot or get hotter until the ironing gets done

    striking while the iron's hot sounds more like coercing to me

    also from my opinion the very act of waiting is what often cools the iron...

    if I'm only mildly interested in a guy who likes me... and I would accept if he asked me, but don't like him enough to do the asking myself... when that's the case... and he can't get up the nerve to make a move... SERIOUS turn off...

    so in that way... if hot iron means she hasn't tired of waiting then yeah... if I know a guy wants to do something that he can't get the guts to do... INSTANT respect drop

  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    that's pretty harsh. some people are shy. it isn't a matter of respect. just because you can do something that someone else can't doesn't mean that they don't deserve your respect. honestly.

  5. It's not a conscious choice... and perhaps respect is the wrong word*...

    but I cease to be attracted to people who can't do what they want to do.

    I couldn't get the nerve to talk to new people most of my life... I understand what it's like being shy... but I'm never going to be really attracted to someone who runs from things that frighten them... I don't think that's harsh, I just think that's true

    and this has obviously crossed out of the territory of getting butterflies in your tummy to talk to the person who makes your heart flutter... I'm speaking generalities now

    *respect is a funny thing and in my opinion I don't have much control over who I do or do not... it forms it's own choices, cause there are lots of people that I wish I could respect more than I do... and I guess maybe I'm really talking about looking up to more than respect... it's one of those terms like love or something that could mean about a gazillion differnt things

  6. hmm so many thoughts.

    For me, I beleive that timing is everything, almost to the point of thinking it as fate.

    Things will happen when it is meant to happen,. If I'm not ready to do more than smile or say hi, nothing more will happen. I have to be ready for the moment as much as the other person is.

    anyhow...I'm more than happy to meet/talk to someone after the iron has gone long cold, just to know them. I rather have a friend than a GF anytime. Freinds also respect you despite your shortcomings.

    This might because I have a record of dating my friends.

  7. double true.
    All this talk about HOT irons, fuck hot irons. Let's talk about HOT ass and Bleeding Skyscapers

  8. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Attention: Drunk post above^^^^^


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