Sweet Heather

Dear Heather Graham,

As I was eating my second attempt at dinner, after ditching on my friend Ashley and skipping the hot girls in Rocket, I realized something while watching your new show Emily's something or another Reasons Why Not.

I realized I loved you.

It started with your blue eyes and quirky expressions in that highly under-rated James Wood movie Diggstown and then solidified with your part as Rollergirl ::omg:: should've been Dream Girl, but I have one of those already.

Heather, sweetie, honey, lover, wake up next to me and let me kiss you all morning breath stlye - eyes closed, hands sliding down your belly, yanking pajama elastic waistband closer.

If we were In'n'Out our receipt would called us animal style*.
I would call you yummy.

Marry me.
Cook me dinner one night this week, and I'll do my best making the rest. Fried egg sandwiches and pancakes with smiley faces made out of chocolate chips.

Just for you Heather.

*I could've sworn my receipt said "granimal" one time.


  1. i admire that kind of stalker passion. I fall into these same traps. Be wary. It usually ends up with your head being busted into some concrete wall by a Crips dyke who thinks you're too white for her living space.

  2. I saw her FIRST....In Drugstore Cowboy.


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