This is just a test


Dear live journal:

I'm in a bit of mood today.

I saw it coming last night after that so-so episode of Lost and between my first dinner of a fried egg sandwich and later a tuna fish sandwich before I went to bed.

They were medium size eggs.
Next time I'll buy large.
I did remember to take my Centrum, Omega 3 and Vit E d-alpha though. Good Boy

Oh so healthy.
Oh so annoyed with email.
...or the lack of it.

I only have spaghetti to eat for lunch like I do everyday.
Wow, I really want a hamburger.


If this was really a Live Journal entry, you would have seen something more like this girl's LJ I randomly found today.

I have to admit as much as I diss most of the crap on LJ, I've become a little fascinated by this other person since stumbling onto her journal. Especially so after I saw her (I think)parked in a car by the IHOP on Sunset/Orange a week after finding it.

Small world I guess.


  1. okay I really try not to make judgements on people I know nothing about... but I went to LJ link you posted... and the third cheerleading picture..... !!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED to the girl with long dark hair?!?!?!?!

    that scared me a bit, I don't know, for the future of humanity or something

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    and the girl is a complete MORON!

  3. oh yeah... and how was that a test? You wrote about what you ate again... I don't see how that's differnt from what you normally write.

  4. I was testing out my Live Journal posting skills.

    Guess that wasn't all that clear. You know, a total crap post vs. a sort of crap post ing that I normally write.

    I'll make it simple - this is the only part worth noting:

    "Oh so annoyed with email.
    ...or the lack of it."

    Such hate for dumb cheerleaders ;)

  5. Oh the small world of LA and the even smaller world of the hipster "underbelly" (and I use that lightly because hipsters want to be the underbelly, therefore can't-hipster bitter? a little ;)... I'll go to lunch and see a "myspace girl crush" it's horrific... One of my closest girlfriends found herself stalking someone on myspace only to find out later that she was a girlfriend of a guy she knew and was mortified, "Jaaane, I used to look at her myspace all the time and then I saw her and I freaked out!"


  6. My God!! I can't believe I actually looked at that page. Bobby D - you have to get some better girls to CRUSH on. You're suspended for one week. Don't call, write or try and contact me in anyway. Don't even post my name on the internet. Your on a time out buddy.

  7. Whoa.

    First I get "ha!... you like nutty girls" then called a hipster, a myspace stalker^ and then Corey thinks I'm crushing on one of them. I'm not sure why she is nutty and I'm done with nutty girls. I've graduated to slightly neurotic girls.

    Anyhow the second one is not my type (okay I do like that picture of her) and the cheerleader is the same type Corey would like to make out with under the bleachers.
    ::cough::lisa o::cough

    ^Just because I have a knack of finding people online and often quote info listed on a stranger's myspace profile back to them upon introduction, does not make me a stalker.
    Jane don't be a myspace hater or so elusive.

  8. re: "such hate for dumb cheerleaders"

    I don't care if they're cheerleaders or not, I happen to know a number of cool people who were cheerleaders, and I don't really like to generalize in ways where I would ever expect that just because someone is in such and such a group that it means that they are this type of person...

    however... given more clues... they are they type of people that I feel I would have very little to nothing in common with... but that's not based on them being cheerleaders

    and re: Corey's time out... would it be too extreme to say I love you Corey? MAN does that boy crack me up.

  9. I have no problem with cheerleaders- many are very nice people, in fact Tyra was one.

    I was making highlighting the obvious dislake many of us had with the stereotypical kind.

    I had an issue with three of them in HS not so much because they were borderline evil (which one of them was for sure) but mostly they went around bragging how they were "Heathers" and my main beef was that it was YEARS after the movie came out.


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