How to make a cat float

I'm back at work on this Monday holiday, a trade off for having the whole week off last week you see. Sucky work life continues, but I did go to the zoo [ya!]and none of the shows I planned on going to during my vacation [sad face]. Oh well.

I would've told you strangers, friends and ex-lovers all about life in general [what do I know about that anyhow?] but the nasty flu I've been dealing with since Friday morning has kept my eyes away from flickering computer screens, flashing commercials, and don't let me start on the quick edits that the kids love these days.

Half drafts to be finished soon.

This illustration makes me smile.


  1. You would probably bump into me while pushing to stand up on the stage, and that my dear would make the whole situation happenstance... Or maybe I would slap you with a waving delicate limb while you were pushing your way to the stange and giggle and apologize blushing slightly ;) and that would truly make it a happenstance moment.


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