Place your bets

I'm going to NOT log onto myspace until Monday.

12.13pm Starting now.

2.30pm Starting now for reals


  1. ba ha ha ha

    I could make no such promise

  2. Oh Robert darling, I wasn't calling you a hipster... The generation after you, we are the hipster extrordainares! (I don't count I am purely there for the music)

    I think you need to break your myspace habit, I'm weaning myself off... Yes, I'm an addict too.

  3. I know - I was being a brat ;) but thanks for calling me old.

    Yeah I crumbled today.

  4. It is monday, how did you do? I can't do it. I'm a failure.

    In life I mean.

  5. I didn't last a day.


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