Random Rot

Many, many months ago on Friendster I'd requested friendsterness with Kelly of The Dollyrots, and she finally added me this morning. I'm talking almost year ago - long enough that I don't even remember doing it.

So this random event brings you a little dolly update:

According to musicplustv.com, they are performing "Kick Me To The Curb" and "Goodnight Tonight" on a future episode of CSI: New York. It airs Wed 2.1.05 10 pm.

Hopefully it is more than a minute or two 'cause that Kelly is so damn adorable. Just look at their new video for "New College"

See! Damn adorable (along with rocking)


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    i happen to know that the rots are a featured part of that episode

  2. Yeah I so ditch that for myspace in internet forever time. Thought it nice she even bothered at this point and that she only was slight idea of who I am I think.

    anon, thanks for the info! So does that mean there is acting involved?


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