Random Rot

Many, many months ago on Friendster I'd requested friendsterness with Kelly of The Dollyrots, and she finally added me this morning. I'm talking almost year ago - long enough that I don't even remember doing it.

So this random event brings you a little dolly update:

According to musicplustv.com, they are performing "Kick Me To The Curb" and "Goodnight Tonight" on a future episode of CSI: New York. It airs Wed 2.1.05 10 pm.

Hopefully it is more than a minute or two 'cause that Kelly is so damn adorable. Just look at their new video for "New College"

See! Damn adorable (along with rocking)


  1. YAY! that was super cute

    and I haven't been on Friendster for ever and ever... hmm... you just reminded me one of my friends asked me a while ago why I never added him... perhaps I should go on some time and check that out... but I don't really like it much anymore, so maybe not

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    i happen to know that the rots are a featured part of that episode

  3. Yeah I so ditch that for myspace in internet forever time. Thought it nice she even bothered at this point and that she only was slight idea of who I am I think.

    anon, thanks for the info! So does that mean there is acting involved?

  4. yeah they're such sweethearts


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