Grandma's Boy

Okay this is not the free all you can eat wings at Hooters talking, but I saw a screening last night of Grandma's Boy and it was actually funny if you have low expectations for a pot head movie.

It's no Harold and Kumar go to White Castle (Hello, riding the Jaguar and coke snorting Doogie?), but silly fun with a couple decent of moments of absurdity after a weak beginning and a medium strength ending.

Basically a simple plot of a 36 yr old game tester taking up his grandma offer for a room to stay in after getting evicted. He smokes a lot of pot. He gets the girl. Grandma gets baked. There's Grandma sex and everything will be alright in the end thanks to pot. Should mention the little sub plot about a Neo from Matrix wannabe, real genius, game designer who slips into robot mode as a self defense mechanism which is amusing and I loved the High-deas (termed coined by of the pot dealer in his quest for home security.

Walking out I heard a couple people say it was one of the funniest movie they've seen this year, one guy saying it was more satisfying than Wedding Crashers. My friend Corey said it was better than Half Baked which I haven't seen so whatever, sure.

Afterwards the whole audience was invited to the Hooters across the street for free food (2 types of wings, salad, small sandwiches = yum) and a small portion of the cast was there too. Sadly no Linda Cardellini ("Freaks and Geeks" + "ER"), but the ranch dip was tasty.

Good for: Renting, smoking pot to, and not a total waste of time while sober.


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