Written 25 Days ago:

Happy New Year as its 13 minutes into 2006 as I start to write this.

These weepy, mopey thoughts come only with the trim option called "Fever of 103 degrees". The Moon Roof is not included but feel free to try out the full fetal position shivering, I think you'll like it. Throw on some more blankets and wear your woolly socks! Notice how the shivering never fully stops?.


That's quality built in!
They just don't make them like this anymore, you know.

Let’s walk into what I call "My Office."
Yeah it looks like a bedroom with flimsy walls, not like anything has been going in there to make your roommate turn up the TV volume, you know what I mean?

Oh sorry.
I didn’t realize you slapping your back like that would bother you so.
My apologies.

I see you’re all lightheaded from not eating, and tired of waking up every few hours to drink. Ha, oh man I sooo know what you mean! My vacation was just like that! Picture yourself with saturated lawns of ultra green blades, plastic cups on dew soaked beaches, palm trees shaven for the Olympics, cafe smoking conversations with two second strangers, and fluffy bunnies blanketing your body in warmth.

You know, the usual fever induced hallucinations.

That noise? What was it? Oh that's just the heater coming on.

Heating a near empty house - alone without burglars to thwart.
Questionable hallucinations of missing arms of a person I thought would still be here New Years after New Years.

10 years ago:

Morning coffee is all I'll consume on the third day of a 102 degree fever. She's worried about me but this is the first morning I've felt alright.

"I think it might break today,"
I tell her.

"Well your shivering woke me up last night," she started, "and the only thing that made you stop was when I curled up around you. It was weird how your whole body relaxed when I did that."

I realized now that was something she hardly ever did.


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