Tiny Feet and Baby Heads

Strange dreams and a ton of work I'd brought home kept me busy for most of the weekend, save for brief evening of flyering on Santa Monica Blvd.

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Ashley signed me up to help hand out flyers and promo CDs for the upcoming Kiss or Kill show with the lure of free beer and a spot on the guest list. (Hey 5 bucks is one Martha Stewart at Pinks). The meet up was off Beverley at Siria's with only this girl Emily, Colin and Paige (Copaigin? Paigolin?) and her friend whose name escapes me but had super tiny feet no bigger than hamsters, hidden under jeans that scraped the floor.

I hear that makes you look taller - the long jeans - not by standing on hamsters.

Had a beer, chatted with the kids before Corey (a little drunk) and Ashley piled in to flyer at the Troubadour. We spent about twenty minutes looking for parking, eventually kicking out Corey to flyer by himself. Within a minute of turning onto Melrose a spot opened up so we had no choice but to help.

Would've be happier hanging out with Paigolin and her friend with the itsy feet and no I don’t have a small foot fetish but the odds were good that "Wow, you have tiny feet! They’re like little hamsters" would’ve come out of my mouth after a couple beers.

Richard Swift? was playing that night, so a decent mix of music lovers started to flow out into my flyer giving out hands. My approach was respectful and simple, always giving them to those who reached out, served with a smile and a thank you.

Corey technique on the opposite side was to yell "See live bands this Friday at the Key Club" over and over which somehow degenerated into "The band that came fifth in the Punk Rock Bowling is playing this Friday at the Key Club."

Like anybody cared; we could’ve yelled "Baby Heads! All you can eat baby heads!" and received the same response. Trust me, we tried.

The best reaction to me offering up a promo CD:
"Oh I don’t have a CD player"

Corey joked later:
"What you don’t have a CD Player??? Well, I don’t think you have a soul Lady!"

I don't have an ending for this post. Oh we ate an In'n'Out and it was yummy.


  1. If you would have been on time you would have had a whole fuckin hour to talk to Janie? or Janney? about her feet that I didn't pay attention too, I saw her beautiful every thing else but the shoes... and the sold out show was for Matt Costa and...... I said she didn't have "a" soul, not she doesn't have soul. She doesn't have soul kinda means she don't listen to Alicia Keys or Stevie Wonder. She doesn't have a soul is like she's dead inside with no culture or personality.

  2. That's what I meant to write. oops.

    Wasn't Richard Swift also playing?

  3. Dick Swift, good name.
    Dick Fastastic, better name.


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