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Photo Hosted at My Friday night dream brought me into a store talking up the sales-lady on sweaters or drinks or I don’t know what she was selling, but I was buying.

We were admiring the red sweater held in suspension between ringed fingers. She kneaded the fabric in slim hands but I only saw pizza dough and an agreeing stomach to a slice of Abbot Kinney pesto spinach chicken something something yum. Jeweled watch hands read past noon thirty and that my dear pepperoni is the only thing that will make sense in this dream.

"I heard that if I told you I was a blogger I could get these items for free."

She turned her head downward, shoulders angled away from the storefront and whispered.
"Oh you blog too?" A smile appeared for a second,
"Yes that's true. Here you go."

Now that just started off the dream right and why not find myself hanging out at a bar next with a cure girl, a cute girl and things were going along great.
It was our first date that wasn’t a date.
Hanging out. Chatting away.
Connecting (sweet!) then it started to get out of focus and I realized I was waking up.

The ceiling was in clear view in front of me.
"Damn it."
Cottage Cheese didn’t care.
"I bet I woke up because my body thinks it's time to go to work," said out loud and sure enough the clock said 6:08 AM.

Fuck. So I rolled over and didn’t dream another thing.


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    what's a cure girl?

  2. It's just what I wrote, no hidden meaning.

    But it could mean:

    someone who at one time listened to a Cure song and liked it.

    Someone who is a doctor or will be.

    Someone who can "cure" my chills.

    Honestly don't know.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    well, i have the flesh eating bacteria caused by a spider bite on my backside. can she cure me?


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