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The Muffs are playing at Kiss or Kill on August 2nd. Five bucks instead of the normal three. This should be fun. Ssshh, I've never seen them live before. Walking around in person, yes. Playing live, not yet.


If you follow my blog, I finally received my replacement stove on Sunday and guess what? Same problem as before, but I now know it's a wiring problem. Adventures in not being able to bake a damn thing - Week 4. Grr.

3) Photo by Alayna Morris - www.grid-9.com

Sara Radle is looking for a female viola player for her new project. See her myspace page for details.

I finally sat down and watched the last two movies of Lord of the Rings even though I've owned the trilogy for months now. Two Towers was pretty darn amazing, huh?

I'm a big old fat flake.

Midway and Punk Rock Social feel free to kick my ass. Sorry.


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