Mama in Echo Park

If you live out in Echo Park (which I don't) you might already know Mama, well I think she goes by Mama. I only see her on my Kiss or Kill nights patrolling the public lots in the back, which I assume is paid for by the Echo. She'll put an Echo flyer on your window, give you a little greeting and hang out with homeless who camp out in the open alley next to the lots keeping the parking lot relatively safe until 2 am.

Last night, while we watched a helicopter leave the roof of Citi-Bank building at Sunset and Glendale Blvd., she told me that the city was coming in today to clear out the six or so homeless and their belongings. Apparently one of the females from that little encampment had die during the night when her 'liver exploded' as Mama put it. The other homeless had call Mama over when they knew something was wrong and it was clear that she was already deceased. "I came and one look at her and I knew she was gone. I called way was I going to mess with her" Mama told me. The look on her face telling me this story was of something I think she has seen before in her life.

Mama had given some of her own money to help get the body back to Mexico and for long distance calls informing relatives of the lady who passed away. For her trouble Mama was slightly nagged by her husband for spending the money, but beside some food, Mama had never giving them a few dollars to drink away. She told me wanted to do it for the good karma it possibly would bring back to her but mostly she believed that is what should be done, had to be done, for the another resident of Echo Park.

So say hi to Mama when you're out there and while you’re at it, also congratulate her on going back to school on a grant to boot.


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