All I want to do is bake a pie.

My landlord was nice enough to buy a new stove and hood to replace to the original lovely mustard color 1970s no longer working oven/range with a shiny white deal. He was also nice enough to raise my rent a month ago, so I'm still a little bent by that.

Back to the oven. When it was dropped off a week ago, I asked the delivery crew if they were going to take the old one out. Oh no, a seperate company would later install it for me they said. I knew the owner had paid for installation so this made sense at the time and my old stove-top (not the oven) worked, so no big deal other than a wasted Saturday I figured.

I peered inside the large cardboard box and thought: Apple Pie. Yes, apple pie with a sugary crumb crust. Drool.

The installation company didn't contain a record of my stove (that would be too easy), so this thing sat in place of my kitchen table as I straighten out paperwork mishaps at Sears. Now the installers are say that they are only installing the range hood.

What? The delivery schmucks totally lied to me.

This Sunday the old stove was taken away and the new one put in place. New problem: the new stove only half worked. Brand new stove and the friggin' control panel is shot. Can't bake, can't use the timer, can't even tell if I accidently left the burners on. Grr.

So I'll be sitting at home this weekend waiting for a replacement stove on Saturday and then for the installers on Sunday. Another weekend lost.


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