Crazy time for shows

Tuesday 6.28.05: [you missed it]
Kiss or Kill Club at the Knitting Factory - 6 bands -- 3 bucks
Midway 12:15
Silver Needle 11:30
The King Cheetah 10:45
BANG sugar BANG 10:00
Chromosome Tea 9:15
The Underwater City People 8:30

Thursday 6.30.05: Two choices:

No.1) Niki and Andi's Taste Sensation at the Mint: see flyer above

I've wanted to see Lisa Mychols ever since I found out she had a solo project going on before her recented stint as the Waking Hours bassist. Expect power-poppy greatness - listen here. **** If I read the flyer I would've mention that Bang Sugar Bang was playing too!

No.2) Mr. T's Bowl for the Pu$$ycow reunion show, with Underwater City People, Midway, The Oxford Set, and Blockage. 21+, Free.

From picnic no.1

Saturday 7.02.05:
KorK Playa's Picinc No.2 at the Old Towne Pub in Pasadena 1-6 PM 21+
The New Fidelity, The Rainman Suite, Get Set Go, New Maximum Donkey, plus Special Guest Band
Five bucks, FREE Hot dogs and Hamburgers. Yum.

And then Warped tour craziness:
Fresno 7.04.05: The Randies
Pomona 7.06.05: Midway, The Randies, The Dollyrots among others of course.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Isn't this on a weekday, are you going to this show or just like to hype it up? Where are the dollyrots playing? I didn't see them listed on the official site.
    Anyone else out there reading these, GO TO THESE SHOWS, any of them will change your life.

  2. Yes I'm taking the day off work for the Pomona show. The 'rots are playing the same stage with Midway according to their site.

    Not sure about the warped tour after party at my house. Spa won't be up and running. I'll let you know.

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I guess they might have taken 8-bit's spot since they are not playing.


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