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Big surprise: I'm not working but blogging.

I've started a second blog to move all my "Leaving" posts to, since they didn't quite fit into this one. Apparently I love myself sooo much I need two blogs. Sad you might say, but I need to organize my thoughts and keep the ultra personal out of the social personal stuff. I debated making Lorange Blog strictly a promotional blog about the things I like but risked losing the appeal to my fellow voyeurs. I like snooping into stranger's thoughts as much as you do so some of this junk in my head will stay.

Thought# 1: Not looking forward to the new server we have to set up today. I know very little of actual networking, so I'll stand back and watch. Why do I stay at this place? Bigger question than I can answer.

Thought #2: Been thinking a lot lately about an old friend of mine that I've lost touch with. To be fair, she stopped keeping in touch with me and it needed to be done since I wasn't in good shape to keep our friendship healthy. Only in the last 6-8 months have I been able to be the person I was eight years ago. Many wounds almost healed and I've wounded many trying to work through my issues. I'm quite sane, really!

It was always our standard operation procedure to talk every three months, but since the talk about meeting up in Vegas I haven't heard from her since. I sent an email to the only address I have, and in the signature was a link to this blog. No response, but a couple of possible IP addresses matches. It sucks losing old (since 1991) friends.

Thought# 3: Thought about publishing a book. Not of my writing, but a book on something. Anything. Just another of my "I should do that ideas". My strength is in ideas, sadly not in self motivation. This thought rests safely on top of other random, uninspired daydreams.

Writing is some thing I actually motivated myself to do even though I'm horrible at it. Just felt myself losing that spark in my conversations, my once quick wit and confidence in what I spoke about. I felt grayed out and it wasn't because I moved into the imagined wasteland of Los Angeles from my idyllic vision of the Bay Area though it was a major shift in my surroundings.

San Francisco Skyline sunset

Photo by El Frito used under CC license.

So much was happening (mostly great) that I lost that part of me somewhere in the four moves in one year and many years living in LA. I figured writing would help in many ways.

Without details: Writing, great bands, a social network of friends, and inspiration of new family has marked this new chapter in my life. I feel much better now.



  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    "No response, but a couple of possible IP addresses matches." =equals= stalker


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