happy happy quake quake

That was a nice little quake, wasn't it?

I was at a Taco Bell drive-through thru in Gardena when the quake started. My car was shuddering and I vainly looked for a new self destruct countdown gauge on my dashboard, thinking my engine was ready to implode. No, I just got a tune up last month.

Glanced up inside the take out window wondering if an employee and I were going to acknowledge our mutual looks of "Was that an earthquake?". They didn't seemed to notice the shaking at all, so I start searching my mirrors looking for those punk-ass kids rocking my car. Nope, nothing.

The sensation of a quake felt while sitting in my car was a new one to me. I.m normally used to standing in my house or work saying things like, "Oh thats just a 4.3" and laughing at quake virgins.

Reminded me how the movie LA Story offered those universal and timeless stereotypes of living in Los Angeles with personal quake size estimates and not caring, and the hip again subject of freeway shootings.


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