Hit Me Baby One More Time - Tiffany

So my friend made it out to the Hit Me Baby, One More Time taping while I collected much needed cash from my new roommate.

From my friend's email today:
    Yeah, it was good fun. We got to be in the dancing section so it was pretty cool. But the dancing section doesn't get to vote. But I think it was pretty obvious who was gonna win by the cheers from everyone. Tiffany was awesome, but she didn't get to autograph my shirt. At one point, she saw my shirt and pointed at me. Pretty neat.

The shirt is an original turquoise off the shoulder torn sweatshirt from the Tiffany tour back in the 80's that she bought when she was 8.

Thursday: at the Punk Rock Social - Live: The Badbeats, Blockage, the Dollyrots and Visqueen (with Ronnie Barnett of the Muffs currently playing bass).

Don't be lame - The Anarchy Library is small, 2 buck newcastles tonight and some great bands for only 5 bucks.


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