Visqueen @ Punk Rock Social - Live 6.2.05

This was my second time seeing Visqueen and they plowed through something like 20 songs in slightly over an half hour set, knocking four or five out back to back. Amazing.

When I ask my friend Corey, the music expert, what bands they reminded him of, he immediately said the Fastbacks, but I could only narrow it down to "they had that Seattle sound going". Since we were both ignorant of the band's recent history, this email just verifies what I always said about Corey; He knows his music.

    From: Corey XXXXXX
    To: Robert XXXXXXXX
    Subject: I'm just THAT good....
    Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005 12:46:24 -0700

    Hey Robert, remember last night when I said it reminds me of old bands like the Fastbacks, here you fuckin' go:

    [taken from the website]

    Okay, so if Kim Warnick is Obi-Wan to Rachel Flotard’s wide-eyed Luke, this is the part where Flotard howls a slow-motion, "Nooooooo!" and then, with steely determination, sets off alongside Ben Hooker (umm, Han Solo with a lame haircut, I guess) to restore goodness to the universe. Oh, right, you came in late: Flotard’s the coppery coiffed, Gibson-wielding, sweet-but-foul-mouthed front woman of Seattle’s power-poppy Visqueen; drummer Hooker’s her longtime compatriot. And Warnick? She’s the bassist, having walked away from 26 years as singer of the Emerald City’s ragged malt-punk heroes Fastbacks to round out the outfit. Or, rather, she was the bassist. Last month, Warnick decided to walk away from Visqueen—and the world of music making—for good. "If I was doing this for 26 big ones, I would probably get a little tired, too. She just needs to rest," says Flotard.

    I'm so damn smart but NO JOB, no fuckin job

Corey's parents must be very proud.


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Thank you Robert, it's good to be depreciated. Now I don't feel so depressed. Corey "I wear my sunglasses at night" Okubo-Hart-Zombie


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