Saved by the Bang

Good thing: Found a roommate.
Another good thing: Kiss or Kill nights at the Echo.

Midway Theresa and Kevin and the Midway beer helmet

"In Heaven, There's No Beer" sing-along and Nu-tra with cheerleader

I think having Monday off for the holiday had put everything out of whack for most folks. People seemed weird or not happy, or just plain old tired I guess. Kept asking if I was imagining the weirdness in the air or if it was just me being lame again. 50/50 response on that.

Missed the Oxford Set, but heard some good things about them afterwards. Midway got up and played great as always, and did an excellent job warming up the crowd.

I personally didn't get into the feel of things until the last few songs and I felt like I didn't give them my fullest. I can see how playing the first two, or three slots must suck sometimes with a sober crowd just starting to drink and not quite in the music mindset yet. That's how I was feeling.

Nu-tra did well with their thing, but it wasn't until Bang Sugar Bang played it like old times that really lifted my mood. A big difference a month makes with Matt's hand healing up more since the last show I caught.

Also: Jeff Penalty from the Dead Kennedys join BSB for a cover of the Black Flag song "gimme, gimme, gimme" and the crowd got really into that too.

I finally felt like everything was alright again, so I went home.


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    You changed it to say Black Flag because you read Joe's Livejournal. I know you too well.

  2. I was never well versed in Black Flag songs. I've heard it before, but I'm really bad with band or song names, esp. if I never owned the albums themselves.


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