Feeling Old

I'm feeling sicky today, but it's Midway, and So Unloved, and Blockage and a great line up, so odds are I'll be there. Always good to see little kids at an all age show so I can feel old and decrepit.

Ha, Corey is older than me, bet that will make him feel good.

For you cheap bastards there is 8 bit and the Mormons at Mr T Bowl.

Speaking of getting older, my friend is having her next birthday party at Hollywood Park during the races with musical guests Tone Loc and Coolio.

Well, sort of.

Hollywood Park has Friday night races with one dollar beer, sodas, and hot dogs with various old bands playing., so if you see a whole group of people with party hats on, you'll know why. Come say happy birthday to her.

Information at the Hollywood Park site.


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