Stuff from Tuesday

I started this and forgot to post Wednesday morning. Boring stuff, but with pretty pics.

Power napped before heading out to KorK late, so I missed the , but arrived just in time for Midway. Unlike last week, I gave my 100% for my audience participation merit badge and the crowd came along too. Used the bubble gun that Theresa had left on the stage and annoyed people with it. Midway is a band that just leaves you feeling happy like you just got off a roller coaster and while it's better if you sing along, it is also just as much fun standing back and watching the crowd enjoy the silliness.

Did the social thing out in the Echo's patio during the set. I'll catch them for the rest of their month long residency at Kiss Or Kill, so should you.

As requested, I gave some suggestions to a friend to out-snob someone with a few passive aggressive comments. They came up with a better one on their own which was used to great effect. Wish I could go into more detail, sorry.

came on and I was still drinking against my original plan of having just one. I jumped on stage as part of the sing along for the first time even though I hardly had a reason to be up there, but with beer in hand (& a few in the bloodstream) I had to do it at least once.

were fun to watch and ended with a nice cover of the Stones "Symphony for the Devil". Interesting facts about the singer: She was the voice in that 80s dance single “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” (I wonder if she was also the little punker in the video?), starred in the indie film "Salvation!" and had a #1 hit in Belgium.

Listen to “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” here (sorry Real Player).

I loved this song when it came out.



  1. I've thought about getting up there when people have tried to drag me onstage for that song... but it feels to weird to me...

    it kind of freaked me out a bit when Matt put me in the sundaynight song that time... and that was with no lights on me and standing in the middle of a dark crowd

    I'd be way to stage shy to jump up there


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