Midway @ El Sereno Street Fair - 6.11.05

The good people in the band Midway will be playing June, 11 at the El Sereno Street Fair. It should be a nice weekend weather-wise and come explore another part of Los Angeles while you're at it.
@4800 Huntington Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032
Cost: FREE

Street Fair with Fireworks and great bands!!! Midway goes on at 7pm on Saturday, June 11th. ----- http://la.com.socialdomain.com/info.php?id=15607

Afterwards head down to Downey for the Punk Rock Social - Live, then the Viper Room on Sunday for Underwater City People.

Tonight (Friday) the Powercords, New Maximum Donkey and others at Mr T's Bowl (free).


On another note, while I googled more info about El Sereno, found an older site proposing a Metro Silverline lightrail route from Silverlake to El Monte via Union Station.

Yeah, it's old news, but new and interesting to me.




  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    What About 6/11 Lava Lounge:
    the volunteers
    the oaots
    bobot adrenaline
    god damn do some REAL research,
    sheeesh, moron!!


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