A good night, I thought

[I had a much better post written but firefox crashed on me, so you're stuck with this one. I'll prob rewrite it later so it makes more sense]

Pu$$y Cow. What can I say? I believe.

A great little show put on by Joe, Flaco, Schnee, and Danny and surprising how tight they sounded, as it was only their third and final show...well until the reunion show at Mr. T's Bowl on June 30th. My favorite parts were the use of kazoos, video projection of a Cal Worthington on the wall and Pu$$y Cow's version on his TV jingle: "Go See Cal, Go See Cal, Go See Cal."

The Letter Openers / Chromosome Tea / Porterville

What seemed like an strange line up ended up in a perfect combination of musical styles from the local bands and topped off with the very impressive Volunteers from NYC.

I got the impression that when each band finished like the fourth to last song or so, the crowd seemed be sucked into whatever band was playing. Saw it happen with the Letter Openers and Chromosome Tea especially. They each closed off strong with the song most people knew off the Kiss or Kill Comp Vol 2.

Bounced around to Porterville like a crazy fool that I am. Finally got to see a full set and hear my favorite song "Overfloatin". Sweet.

Meet some more of the usuals for the first time, and quoted facts from their myspace accounts to their horror.

I should really stop doing that.


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