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peeps Hey peeps.

I'm going to Rhode Island later this week and I not really in the mood for it. Oh well poor me for having a vacation. Poor me for having to spend Saturday in Boston, one of the coolest towns in this world (so I hear) for the first time.
Poor me. No really, I can’t afford this trip at all.

Other news: I have a new assistant and she’s not an idiot like my current one. I call the retarded one my Pseudo Assistant because she only comes in for about fifteen minutes of work – a half hour if the lunch truck is here even though she's assigned to me for at least half the day. Anyhow miss Pseudo Assistant called in sick today and I’m thinking she didn’t want to train the new girl which is fine by me.

I’m in a good mood at the moment and ending this on a (personal) high note.


  1. MAN do I want to go to Boston!
    I haven't been in forever, and one of my favorite people in all the world lives there. It's been too long since last I've seen him.

    I'll trade ya.


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