making my list

A stuff going on this week post, bands and shows wise.
that's all - feel free to skip



The Makeout Bandits
Pu$$y Cow

3 bucks
so they can get sxsw


I'll probably join ashley for the "MASTERS OF AMERICAN COMICS" at MOCA (info here) since it's the last week and free after 5pm on Thursdays.

Katie the Pest with Mika Miko (they play El Cid tonight). Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps College, Claremont $2


Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sam Little Pedros - five bucks 21+?
The New Fidelity -- The Diffs off the bill??
Front Row For The Meltdown
So Unloved -- The Randies

Midway @ Mr. T's bowl
Emily is leaving Midway :(

Great lineup @ The Troubadour / $10

Satisfaction 8
The Color Turning 8.45
Porterville 9.30
The Waking Hours 10.15
New Year's Day 11


Punk Rock Social - Live

Jennifer Finch (of L7) and her band The Shocker
+ other bands + tiny venue = fun

Download a new Man in Gray song "sleeping"
They are playing sxsw at these venues


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    How funny. My sucky college band opened for The Waking Hours eons ago in Richmond, VA. They put on a kick-ass show--a stark contrast to my band's lackluster tunes and stage presence. I've had their CD in regular rotation on my stereo since, like, 1995.


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