why can''t I fly my car to work?

What's with me and flat tires?

I've owned a handful of cars and had only one flat that I can remember until I bought my current automobile. In the last two years I am coming up on six flats now.

Today I made it a mile on the freeway before hearing the now familiar "that doesn’t sound right" sound of a deflated tire. Fortunately traffic was light, the emergency lane wide on this part of the freeway and knew I could switch it out in only a few minutes

Anyhow, there should be more to this post, but I have to make labels for Doctor Doolittle here at work. He honestly believes that he has found a cure to the Bird Flu via a mixture of herbs and vitamins.

I'm not kidding about that last part.
I need a drink - good thing it's St Patrick's Day.


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