Discuss: Monkeys are funny

Cabin Boy starring Chris Elliot has a great scene with David Letterman trying to sell him a stuffed monkey. "Would you like to buy a monkey?” is arguably one of the best movie quotes ever.

David Letterman hosts the Oscars, arguably the worst hosting job ever (I loved it), containing a taped skit of celebrities auditioning for his cameo in Cabin Boy. Rosie O’Donnell is surprising funny for a few seconds.

Jerry Maguire contains the still sick of hearing it quote: "Show me the money!"

Curious George tagline “Show Me the Monkey” appears on billboards and posters every fucking where.

Admittedly a direct connection to the infamous "Show me the Money" quote from Jerry Maguire and the Curious George tagline exists.
Show me the money …show me the monkey.
Get it?

I would like to suggest that there is an additional influence of the David Letterman cameo in Cabin Boy, and later the Oscars, in using this tag line. The simple minded only see the more generic reference, but I can’t be the only one to bypass the obvious and see the underlying humor in monkey selling either literally in the Cabin Boy example or in the selling of a monkey in a marketing sense.



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