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Above: Los Abandoned @ Knitting Factory

Spring cleaning: three drafts from December crammed into one long post:
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December 23 Los Abandoned @ Knitting Factory

Before heading out to Hollywood I easily convinced Corey to hit Titos Tacos before picking up Ashley in downtown. I mention that only because I'm hungry right now and that sounds pretty tasty at the moment.

Ashley gets into the car and she loves driving city streets to every destination and Corey thinks he knows how LA is laid out in perfect detail in his mind. We all agreed that the 101 was fucked, so I said take the 10 to La Brea but Corey said that seemed like it was going out of our way and since he was driver 8 he started up seventh and then east on Vermont.

First time crossing the 101 grr, second time double grr, third crossing over it OMG god! I was beiong the uber back seat driver but come on, really, zig zagging around the 101 was anything but direct and if had just settled fortaking the 101 we would've arrived a lot earlier.

Hollywood and Highland randomness:

  • The whole night every suggestion was mocked with "Are you sure you don't want to take the 101?" to get this, to buy this, to hang out here for a while.

  • Some pizza eating guy who looked like the DA on Law & Order CI asked,"You guys from Australia or something?"

    "Huh? Oh no were from around here. We just like to bicker, and I like just being right all the time." A nosensical answer to an equally nosenical question.

  • The opening act was this band Trucker Up was a little bit country, a little bit honky-tonk, with great banter and tasteless jokes. A band to drink to.

  • Los Abandoned was amazing as always and I can't say it enough.

  • We traveled to Fred 62 afterwards for late night eating where I had the Fred McMurray, a breakfast sandwich about five inches high.

    While eating Corey spoke of a place where the hamburgers patties were marinated for a couple days
    My eyes bulged,"Oh wow, that must've tasted like heaven"
    Ashley chin drops to my reaction, "Oh you were being serious"
    "Well yeah. I love me nothing more than a great hamburger"

  • true that.

    Dec 10 + Dec 20 = hamburgers

    I enjoyed the December holidays as much as one can, asking for nothing and received little more than a nice watch, and 25 bucks of In'n’Out gift certificates.

    I think came out ahead: Hello, free hamburgers!

    Dec 10th was another warm winter day in Los Angeles navigating the blocks around the Grove in search of free parking. I was dragging my friends to see Sara Radle play at the Barnes and Noble (in the bibliography section to be exact) and they were bored so there you go.

    We started in the Farmers Market before the show drinking beers at 3 pm and chowing down on hamburgers as I tried to figure out where I've seen the counter girl before. Think she's Porterville fan maybe.

    I hardly come to the Grove to shop, so seeing the holiday lights underneath a perfect 67 degree evening sky, with manufactured city stores and holiday crowds invoked memories of the New York New York Casino floor in Las Vegas. The real world is so artificial looking, but that’s LA for you.

    Sara played a short set with lots of tuning and silly banter on the lack of crowd participation, She even encouraged shoppers to browse the section behind as long as they joined in singing back up. While the another singer set up their equipment I convinced myself to say hi, which went well except for my obvious nervousness. Why am I so shy sometimes? Somedays I’m surprised when it does and doesn’t kick in at times. Well Sara was nice and remembered me from when Cort and I stalked her shows last summer.

    On the way back to the car there is a used car/rental lot across from the Grove filled with classic mustangs in various flavors. My favorite car had a plate which read NPLEASE. Found that very amusing.

    Dec 20th
    Went to eat at Huston’s at the Century Plaza mall thingy in Beverly Hills for Corey’s birthday. Not much to note but we waited for our table next to Peter Sampras and family - cute kid, hot wife, average looking parents of one of them. Our server Tish was ::hot:: and I ate a tasty 15 dollar hamburger with the worst fries ever. Really, how hard is it not to fuck up fries?


    1. Anonymous10:10 PM


      one-of-a-kind red salsa
      change in 50 cent pieces
      burritos burritos burritos burritos
      ridiculously long lines from the minute they open til the minute they close

      fuck yeah

      And come on. You're so from Australia.


    2. FYI ....Father's Office is the hamburger place that marinates the burgers.


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