Stumbling or v2.0

I was going to tell you the difference between flirting and hitting on someone or how a hug with hands on the back and ones that start on the hips are two different beasts. They are. Trust me on this.

Let me talk about moments in no particular order mind you.

1) “Hey come on,” she started.
I kissed her neck as she continued, “we both know I’m not the one you want to be kissing right now”

Looking at her I spoke with either words or silence, I don’t remember but they both sounded the same.

2) “I’m sorry”
My head buried into a shoulder, speaking lies to her shirt collar. I chuckled at my poor attempt at deception. My hands around her waist, pulling tight surely gave me away.
"No I’m not,” I confessed.

Drink one part vodka
Hands around waist, kiss to the cheek, share smokes.

For less sober, high altitude cooking:

Step up to sidewalk, place hands firmly on her cheeks.
Pull close.
Kiss her on the lips and run away as slowly as possible.

That was my favorite part of the night,

3) Its about choices and control.


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