can we say bananarama?

I'm no expert on the subject, but I do enjoy the euro-trash-pop that makes its way over (yay Annie, boo Girls Aloud) every so often. Here are two sugary bands you might secretly love and hate at the same time. Kind of like your momma.

Blur's Alex James and late 90s euro minor pop goddess Betty Boo (who? the londonist's words, not mine) have formed WigWam, a band to convulse to.

Watch a video here (win)

The Pipettes - I'll just quote their label:

"The Pipettes (Becki, Rose and Gwenno) and their backing band The Cassettes formed at a Brighton beach party last year and have wasted no time since in their stated mission to 'turn back the clock to a time before The Beatles ruined everything.' Their trademark polka dot dresses, doowop anthems and choreographed hand movements have earned them fans across the globe"

I would listen to the songs on myspace before watching the video because I think they are a tad stronger (yet still short and sweet)than this one. I haven't watched music videos in the traditional sense in years, and I can't tell you how many times they have ruined songs for me. This one kind of does that.

I really have nothing to write about besides what stupid bands I came across today. Well I did make this south park representation of me. oh yippee do.

{yes I know I keep updating this post - sorry, I suck at proofreading]


  1. That is actually a different band from Norway.


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