today - ugh

On one hand traffic was nonexistent this morning.
On the other hand I found my wallet in the clothes I just washed.

On one hand Corey has to wake up early, so little drinking for him. This also means that he might be doing all the driving tonight.
On the other hand I’m sooooo doing the opposite.

Kiss or Kill
Tonight – Free @ Little Pedro’s

The Diffs are not playing tonight, so now there is this Australian band on their way to SXSW called on first. Live mp3s and video to download at their website

Now I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to do this and see Midway at Mr. T’s Bowl. Oh poor me. Gots to work, real post coming eventually. When I'm damn ready to post something. This post sucks, I know. Most of them do.

Check out this non-interesting blog: This girl likes looking at herself

I like looking at this one: mspaintiscrazy

OR watch another movie trailer remix: Brokeback Lebowski


  1. ok. what is up with a blog consisting of 43 of the same photos of yourself?

    maybe it's art and therefore i just don't understand it.


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