She is the first person I see walking in. A few feet, four feet ahead and among friends. I stand against a wall watching the band play a song or two until she glances in my direction and smiles.

More standing, a little drinking.

I stop her as she passes by with a reach to an arm.

"Hey there, how are you?"
She seemed scattered between looking at me then the crowd past my shoulder.
"I'm doing good."
She's gazing into her open purse, fingers brush the golden lipstick case aside, sinking into the underworld of feminine mysteries and artifacts.
"How are you doing tonight?"
"Good. Good. I'm actually trying to find the bathroom in this crazy place"
I turn to my right, pointing straight to the end the bar with a forward motion before making a quick right gesture with a finger bend. With an "Ah thanks" she's gone.

As the thrid band plays I notice her a couple paces behind me in the crowd. She's doing her little dancing around thing with left hand cradling her drink, the other holding the straw to her mouth. This is how she drinks; a style seen repeated, that is more of a cute two step bob than dancing.

Fifth song, mid-song I turned to head back to the bar to be a little more tipsy. Two steps I make eye contact as her drink goes down mid-chest. Two more steps I'm there quickly reaching up, pretend squeeze of her cheek with a 'so cute' mouthed before walking away.

I pass her friend who is now laughing at me. Questions and no answers. I ask her friend again and I'm gone seconds later not knowing what to think.

All I know is that I'm done with this whole DG thing.


  1. Robert this is wonderful and sad and so great...

    I needed this today thank you.

  2. Now - I'm all over this DG thing!

  3. okay..i'll play along... What's a DG thing?

  4. Robert - scroll down to March 10 on the Cobrasnake site:

    I'm fuckin' psychic and shit, I got's ESPN or er ESP.

  5. Ugh where to start.

    DG is a girl. My Dream Girl but in all actuality it is merely an infatuation.
    Some have question if I was making her up - I'm not
    Is she that beautiful - I think so.
    Is she perfect – hardly

    These are specific posts about her, but I mention her a lot in passing too.


    I like writing about her more than I actually like her, if that makes any sense.
    My blog does not equal me

  6. Ha! I love that you like writing more about her than you actually like her - I might have to steal that phrase/thinking it's so brilliant - I love posts that are filled with love about the lack or love or intangible it is universal.

  7. I wish I would have know about this earlier:

  8. Um you know that it was post on weeks ago. twice I think.


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