oh nothing is ever good enough for you ashley

wigwam from norwaySo I left out a few bits in the last post below according to Ashley's comment.

Fine, here they are

Before we left for lunch I was flirting with this super hot girl on myspace. I said baby, we're going out to the Getty and it's going to be so hot. When I'm looking at the illuminated manuscripts I will so be thinking about nibbling on your ear. She wrote back asking who I was and I told her I was going to eat pizza and lather on pesto sauce between my fingers, roll around some flour and bake it like it was 1999 ala Prince style, but with spinach and chicken and shit,

She told me to get cultured and I knew she meant that in the dirtiest way possible. It was so hot but bitch have to wait because we need to eat. We drove around discussing our options and I was all like dude. duude! I need to eat - I don’t care if it's arbys or snackers at KFC at this point. Ashley was all like what's a snacker and I had slap the bitch upright to get my explanation to mean anything to her. Dude it was hot sitting at the patio at that bread place checking out the out of work actors and jailbait. Well the jailbait is more up Corey's alley and he likes the alley less traveled if you know what I mean. Dude my sandwich rocked.

Finally we made it to the Getty and that was kinda of boring. On the way down the magical tram we sat across two hot college girls. One seriously looked like veronica marrs (so hot) and the other had big brown eyes, but I played it cool cause dude don’t show his cards when the bitches are watching, and these were so much it was kinda sad, you know?

So we get out to the car and Corey is all lets blow this taco stand and get some beer and pizza and hopefully Crash will lose. Sure we say. Off to Ralph’s and we're trolling the aisle for chicks but it was dead there. Whatever didn't need any but can I tell you that Corey can’t drive. Fucking Corey can't drive because he's Japanese and you know what they say about them. Um they eat sushi and shit.

At this point it was all about Corey. Corey had to go to the post office, Corey had to pull out the wrong way, and Corey had to buy us pizza, Corey Corey Corey.
And then I ate a lot of pizza and fucked ten ninjas up.


  1. between your lust of hot girls and lust for food and your ass kicking of ten ninjas, we just might be the same person

  2. um.. I feel like I'm talking to a seventeen year old boy? You didn't happen to also be high did you?

  3. Remember to get me the Fuckin Perseus holding Medusa's Head painting for my birthday, It may set you back a couple Hundred Thousand but what the heck, starting asking people to chip in now and we can reach that goal by december. Wait - I missed Veronica Mars. Shit! Oh yeah , you didn't mention eating half my fuckin almond roca's - bastard of Industry.

  4. I never said hopefully "Crash" will lose, is that some kinda joke that I'm all in for Brokeback Mountain. Like emotionally invested. Also - I'm an excellent driver, when it comes to those back alley tight squeezes. I go in there with NO FEAR, screaming curse words at the top of my lungs.

  5. Anonymous12:12 AM

    nucleus + mantle tissue = hottt


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