A few hours on Friday

When did I become so busy? Just last week I trudged home every night in traffic just to eat soup and sit on the couch to watch americas greatest inventor or americas top model or americas wife swap which sounds dirty but isn't. I guess america's glory hole (wiki) is just around the corner, but sadly it would be actually about installing new flagpoles or something.

Friday I wrote about my flat which forced me to buy a new one then the new one went flat on me only four hours later right before leaving for Kiss or Kill. I threw on the spare and went out on St Patrick ’s Day anyhow because I really needed a drink at that point. Arrived at Little Pedros safely and found Kiss or Kill pretty mellow with zero green beer or the craziness that one would expect at every bar that night.

The only thing worth noting, besides certain people not showing up that I wanted to hang out with, was the last band Overnight Lows. Very tight, singer reminded me of a tall Debbie Harry, had a little Gwen-ish in her voice...something, something, blah blah. They were great and had a strong commerical sound (not a bad thing) to them.

I walked in during their cover of Elastica's Connection. (watch old Elastica live footage -- funny: Overnight Lows did a better version than the actual band in this clip, but then again Elastica was waaay strung out on heroin during this period). The first thing I said to Corey, who was already in the crowd, that it seemed almost sacrilegious to cover this band. Corey understood it's just one of those bands/songs you can't short change in performing because they meant more than actual record sales reflected. Well it was a gutsy choice and they pulled it off with respect in my opinion.

Check them out at the (Cat Club on March 29th cancelled) Viper Room -Mar 30 or something.

ElasticaConnection mp3 (yes same song used in that shampoo commercial)

Overnight Lows
download songs @ Overnight Lows myspace or look at their less than useful (other than more pics) band website.


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