She's working three concurrent conversations from her bar corner location. I watched her talk to my friend, then the stranger, deciphering her hand movements, her word manipulations. Is she that drunk, that much of a spaz, potentially that crazy?

"You keep giving me those looks"
Great, my turn.
"What look?
"This one," she squints, cocks her head a bit with a devilish smirk.
"I don't really look like that," trying to dismiss her allegation with a slight shake of my head. I might even have rolled my eyes at her.
"Yes. You do!"
I pause to take a long sip of my rum and coke, and lean forward, "Oh you mean my 'I want to fuck you' look?"
"That's exactly what..."
"Yeah don't read too much into that."

[this is not an accurate recollection]


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