bevmo/target = meat market

Friday night I invited myself over to my friends house to avoid driving home. Heading East was not an option so I instead drove out to Atwater Village again and walked my friend's dog along the eastern edge of the LA River watching the golfers hit their balls into the trees. Looked at my watch and realized that I would still be on my commute for another 30 minutes instead of strolling at rivers edge on a beautiful summer afternoon.

I had agreed earlier to wander the aisles of Target with friend for usual Target crap and then Beverages and More in search of Purple something beer. I used to shop at one of their first stores in Pleasant Hill ( was more Walnut Creek) which was helpful since many a work parties were held in the apartments across the street. If you haven't been there before, they have everything that could possibly get you drunk at great prices.

The closest Beverages & More (I will not call it BevMo) was at the infamous La Brea Target as noted in many Missed Connection posts on Craigslist. Now I understand why. It was a little wax museum weird with all the damn good looking people who shop there, but I guess good looking people need shampoo and deodorant too.

My local Target might be filled with normal, average folks like me, but least I don't have to pay for parking to buy mouthwash.


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