I'm sick and my slowed down state coats a reflective edge to my thoughts today.

So I share:

Browsing along the internets and I see how far people have gone in their life and I look back seeing how I've wasted time so much. It's amazing to me how incredibly lazy I was back then.

There are choices that I will never regret and just have to deal with the bad ones, but I worry now that I'm running out of time to hit some of my goals.

Yes my friends, I have goals that I'm meeting and more that I'm aiming for. It's not just day dreams, band name dropping, love sick memories of crushes and bitching on this blog.

Well, not always.

I'm doing a fair job of handling my responsibilities and I haven't felt so "me" in years. I'm writing and drawing, though I don't think my painting will be like it was in high school, but that's okay, I now have sculptures on my mind.

I have family now and a few great friends with a social group to boot in a town I hardly know with so much to discover. Being single in Los Angeles is also scary but that in itself is big and just means some of this will be a self discovery of the city and of me.


Come say hi:

I think I'm going to hit LACMA - free after 5 - sometime this weekMon: don’t bug me, I’m sleeping – go to the viper room, or come over with soup. Baby me, I’m sick ;)
Tues: Kiss or Kill @ The Echo
Wed: something or another
Midway at The Whiskey - not pay to play
The Randies at CSU Fullerton 8 bucks + unlimited carnival rides
Thursday - something or another
Friday: Hollywood Park for a B-day party + betting on horses + Tone Loc and Coolio
Midway at the Scene


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