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At the party I was at on Sunday night, Jason from Midway cautiously asks what I thought of having seen them on last Thursday for my second time. Jason just got back from Sweden so the Midway show that night was the first chance for him to experience them.

I'm paraphrasing of course:

I think they're great. I mean it's really just a bunch of ringers with Joe who was born to be loud and in front of people. But the thing is, they're really, really great, and that’s the funny part.

Jason talks how they are the biggest thing coming out of Kiss or Kill right now, and I agree with his point about them having this strange quality about that on a basic level every one gets them. It's fun. I think now that it doesn’t even matter how old school punk you are (I'm very not) that you know this band already has its own sound based on all their individual talents and influences.

I tell Jason that they very well could get the biggest deal or become the maybe the first kiss or kill band people hear about, based on talent and the word of mouth from every one who has seen them. After four shows, people who haven't seen them are saying they are great.

And they are.

It was considered also one of 's best sets in a long time by many in the crowd. While not the biggest audience like a KorK night, but I swear every single person was singing along the whole time. I was standing in front and there were times when the audience seemed louder than the band. Amazing.

put on another excellent show beforehand. The new song is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time and that mp3 in the right hands could make them on of the biggest flavors in the blogsphere.

Starting looking for it on the mp3 blogs after UCP’s album release party slated for August 30th. I’m not saying I’m going to put it there btw.

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